AMS 277 1600 Sportcar


Completely original car, AMS Autoracing Type 277
Chassis No. 62 / 1979; never crashed.
Original engine AMS 413 DOHC 16 valves - 1600 cc, with Lucas Mk1 Fuel injection.
Gearbox Hewland FT 200 5-speed
Original Lockeed brakes. Tachometer original AMS. Original red.
Documents: Certificate of origin. Design of the roll-bar. FIA 2016 tank certificate.
Two-Seater Racing Cars - Period IR
Car overhauled in 2016 with: belts Sabelt Racing; Fire extinguisher Life Line; Removable safety steering wheel. FIA homologated fuel tank with no expiration.
After the review has made three free practice sessions, at: Memorial Mauro Pane 2016 (PV)
Last race hill-climb: Nave St. Esuebio (BS) 09/2017
Ready to race.

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The AMS - Attrezzature Meccaniche Speciali (Special Mechanical Equipment) was founded in 1969 by the Bolognese engineer initiative Tancredi Simonetti, appreciated designer in short ATS adventure has now decided to start his own business with an ambitious program of two-seater and single seater racing. The new company is based in a local Reno (BO), a provisional choice and you will find the most optimal solution shortly after the outskirts of Sasso Marconi (BO). The workers are virtually all former ATS, full staffing regime comes to understand a work force for productive numbers of some significance. The preparation of the new factory sees a little later the establishment of the Scuderia Autoracing, structure for the sport and commercial management of the cars, based at the same AMS.
The history of the two-seater national race sees the AMS in a leading position, thanks unquestioned technical excellence of its achievements and the extraordinary and lasting successes. Major strengths of AMS is the build quality, reliability and easy maintenance, these factors that qualify the two-seater Emilian of the most viable alternatives to competing. Produced in about 90 specimens, the cars of Sasso Marconi have the opportunity to meet the expectations of a wide group of pilots, whether passionate gentlemen drivers or been determined specialists such as Ezio Baribbi, Luigi Moreschi and Mauro Nesti.

In 1976 it is started the study of a two-seater for engines of 1.3, 1.6 and 2.0 liters, characterized by a chassis dimensioned more (especially in terms of pitch and roadway) and by an aerodynamic fairing particularly an extreme. The body is in fact of distinctly wedge line, with a pronounced front overhang of pointed shape, high sides and spoilers, interior encased in the upper profile and large spoiler cantilevered tail. The power supply and supplied through a glaring periscope behind the pilot. Christened type 277, the new AMS is designed for a wide variety of engines.

The 1977 season sees the AMS 277 actively present in all national competitions, especially in those valid for the Manufacturers' Championship is where most heated confrontation with the various Chevron, Lola, March, etc. And totaled at the end of season 15 championship points.
The months immediately prior to the 1978 season are worth perfecting some major updates of Type 277, particularly in the context of the suspension and aerodynamics. It simultaneously makes available a new two-liter engine built entirely by the AMS, units designed by the Simonetti in collaboration with colleague Minghetti. It is a 4-cylinder, DOHC head with 16 valves, distribution belt and mechanical injection. As with the previous season, the AMS limits its presence at competitions Italian sun, chosen partly due to the crisis in the industry and the consequent progressive loss of sales. Fall even official holdings appointments are valid for the Italian Championship. In 1979 the AMS accentuates his demobilization from racing, devoting himself mainly to the construction of new cars and upgrade services and support, start a business diversification into areas completely unrelated to motoring; continue unabated, however sport statements of type 277, mainly with Francesco Cerulli Irelli, Vittorio Bernasconi, Girolamo Caci, Odoardo Govoni, Mario Nardari e Roberto Villa.

For price, more info, more pictures and video visit our website:
WhatsApp: +39-3928460840


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