Nissan 350Z (Dutch 350Z Challenge) with many spares!


For the lovers of power, rear wheel drive and a brute V6 sound....

Rookie RallyTeam Brabant offers her LH-drive Nissan 350Z rallycar. The Nissan is built by MATS (Mats At Track & Service) in 2013. After that, the car has won a 1st and a 2nd place in the Dutch 350Z Challenge. This winner was totally overhauled last year and painted inside and out, and is now available for you!

Year: 2013
Weight: 1398kg (empty)
Engine: 3.5 V6
Air inlet: Nissan with shim
Brakes front: Brembo 4 pot
Brakes rear: Brembo 2 pot
Clutch: Sintered
Gearbox: Nissan 6-speed
Shock absorbers: Proflex 3-way adjustable
Fuel tank capacity: 70L, Euro 98 (optional GEM Fuel)
Suspension: aluminum wishbones, adjustable rear, adjustable stabilizers for
Tires: Hankook 18-210 / 650
Max. Speed: 6950 RPM
Max. Power: 310 HP
Max. Torque: 360Nm
Top speed: 217 km / h
Seats, seat belts and fire extinguishers complying with FIA regulation.

We also have a very comprehensive spare-package:
20 pcs 18' wheels
Left door
Rear-axle complete
Various driveshaft assemblies
Complete running spare engine (from donor car)
Crate full of all mechanical parts front side (donor car) with eg. uprights, discs & brake calipers, suspension-arms, headlights, mirrors, inner fenders, air-intake pipe, wipers, door handles, side-window, radiator, water pipes, ECU, water sprayer tank and much more….
Crate full of mechanical parts rear side (from donor car) with eg. sub-frames, rear differential (standard), supporting arms, taillight, propeller shafts and more….
Set reconditioned carrier and reaction arms (with enhanced Whiteline rubbers & buses)
Pagid brake pads
anti-roll bar front
anti-roll bar rear
Front spoiler stiffening frames
Windshield wiper mechanism
Power brake housing (internals removed)
Revised rear differential with new Nismo LSD (350Z Challenge specification)
Nismo LSD parts
Even more brake pads CL
More Nismo LSD parts
6 drive shafts
New and used Alcon big brake discs
Down pipes without catalyst converters
Gearbox housing
Spark plugs
Multiple gasoline pumps
Multiple ignition coils
Several bolts for differential
Car stands
Box full of various bolts must and rubbers
Wiper arms and wiper blades
2 gearboxes complete (ready to run)
1 gear without selector
1 gearbox in parts
Carbon Night Face headlight kit
Standard brake discs new
Clutch 350Z Challenge spec.
Lightened flywheel 350Z Challenge spec.
Logbook and several manuals
Complete set Whiteline rubbers and buses
2nd ECU with licensed software (350Z Challenge spec.)

More foto's on request!!




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2017-05-29 14:11:18

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