BMW S42 B20 Engine (320is Superturing E36)


This engine has been prepared to be installed on a prototype CN (Two-Seater Racing Cars)
2000 cc 4 cylinder / 4 valves (STR 4 DOHC)
Stroke 85,00 mm / Bore 86,50 mm
The engine is rebuilt with new crank, new bearings, new oil pump and new dry sump. And shaft, connecting rods, pistons, block, cylinder head, camshaft is BMW Motorsport 320is Superturing.
Aluminum cam cover, dry sump low; Oil Pump Tilton.
Electronics to be programmed. Still to be run in.

Engine marked '89; one of the few that can be mounted on a car Sports BC historical period of JR installing a mechanical injection pump Kugelfischer.

The S42 is derived from M42, is standard on the 318is E36, prepared by for BMW 320is E36 Superturing.

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2021-09-18 06:00:14

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