BMW 635 Alpina Turbo B7/2 Gr5


Engine original Alpina B7/2 turbo 3500 (500 Hp); turbo KKK / K27, turbo pressure adjustable. Bosch/Alpina fuel injection.
Engine overhauled in 2011, with only 4 performances after review.
Gearbox Getrag 5-speed close ratio with the first back.
Water radiator in increased aluminum; Aluminum fuel tank without expiration;
Fiberglass hoods and bumpers. Plexiglass rear windows.
Wheels Ø15' - 10' front and 13' rear.
The weight is 1080 Kg. Year 1981
HTP FIA (Group 5 / Silhouette; Period I) and FIA technical passport 
This car, before becoming a historic car, raced in the modern; and won the class in all the races in which he participated.
Last race Hillclimb: Coppa del Chianti Classico 2015 (Italy)
Ready to race.

Alpina engine purchased new and never used by the Scuderia Merzario F1 team to apply it on a BMW 635 group 5 racing car, but without following up on the project. Arturo Merzario then sold the engine to Moreschi Motorsport at the end of 1991. In 1992, with the purchase of this BMW 635csi, Moreschi Motorsport continued the project started by Merzario, and the car was ready for the '94 season; debuting at the Circuit of Rastellino on 25/4/94 with a 2nd in its category.
The first real competition was the Varano Challeng Club of 4/9/94 where it obtained the 1st overall; while the first Hillclimb race was the Alpe del Nevegal 8/24/97, finishing 1st in category and 2nd overall.
He raced in modern cars until 2006, when he became a motorcyclist. The 2007 season saw her participate in 3 uphill races; respectively: Camucia-Cortona, Caprino-Spiazzi and Bologna-Raticosa, placing 1st in the Silhouette category in all three.
In 2008 it was sold to a Tuscan collector. In 2011 it was completely overhauled, the engine was overhauled and enlarged. From the revision to 2018 it was used in only 3 competitions. Last race in Hillclimb: Chianti Classico Cup 2015 (Italy)
In 2019 it was prepared to participate in the Nave-Caino-Sant'Eusebio Hillclimb, but the races was canceled.

Cited in the book 'Luigi Moreschi - The cars, The races, The records' by Gianni Tomazzoni.

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