Toyota Yaris Proto (Evo X) body shell


Yaris EVOLVE is a modern rally chassis prepared for Evo X owners.

It allows a smooth transition from your old Evo rally car to a modern and agile design, while keeping most of your existing components (engine, gearbox, diffs and suspension).

Yaris Evolve chassis is designed to accept Evo X engine, drivetrain and suspension.

Suspension mounting points are fully compatible with Evo X so you can use your existing crossmembers and arms or upgrade with a kit of tubular subframes and arms with uniballs (available in our offer – please see last photo)

Yaris EVOLVE is the perfect car for open class rallies, amateur trackdays or rally schools and experience centers.
Open class rallies are getting more and more popular – several countries has already announced national regulations for them (Open, Open N, Open NR4 or N4WD).


Bodyshell: custom designed with FIA certified rollcage, painted white

Bodykit: R5 bodykit with carbon spoiler & carbon roof vent
Windows: Front OEM, rear and sides 4mm lightweight Lexan
(anti scratch)
Extras: carbon spare wheel holder, mirrors, carbon door cards, lightweight flocked dash, wheel arch guards

More info via email ( or phone, car assembly service, additional packages and worldwide shipping are available.

Set of Evo X mechanical parts is also on stock !!!

This bodyshell is ready and just needs painting so can be delivered within 2 weeks – you can choose color !

See more photos and videos of our rally cars at links below:




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