F Renault 2.0 2009


This is one of the latest Formula Renault made in 2009 in Tatuus. Car was purchased by us in winter 2018, car was rebuild and well serviced before this season. We changed and repair following parts:

-Front lower wishbones

-Steering rods with adjustment screws

-All wheel bearings, both brake master cylinders and o-rings of all brake calipers were change

-New battery (1,5kg), extinguisher system OMP (3,5kg) and carbonfibre seat

-Brand new dataloger AIM EVO4S with AIM GS dash on steering wheel, so it means fully working data logging brake pressures, GPS and many more.

-Whole electric loom was properly checked and wrap again into plastic covers or into heat shields

-All three dampers were checked and rebuild by Dullinger Fahrwerk in 03/2018 since than cca 2500km

-Gearbox has now medium set of gears (all of the gears are in excellent condition), we fit new shifting cable and also fit new friction and smooth discs into the differential

-Engine F4R 738 was refreshed before season 2019 and since than make just like 1500km

-Seatbelts are valid until 2019, extinguisher system until 2021 and fuel cell until 2022

Car is absolutely ready for next season without any other investments. Car will come with FOUR sets of wheels and with Renault service manual. Is possible to buy separatelly other spare parts like spring, torsion bars, gears, wishbones, wings, nose cone, wheels etc. list of spare parts can be send separately.

Car has some small modification on diffuser and rear wing as seen on picture, it can be easily make it back to the original




Tomas Chabr t.chabr@chabrmotorsport.cz

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2021-07-26 07:49:54

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