BMW M3 E36
M3 Body+papperwork
Race papperwork
Homologation file
Sparco Cromo roll cage
Fully reinforced bodyshell (maximum quality)
Freshly painted interior and exterior, including underneath
Front Hood, rear trunk and arches in fiberglass
Interior dash in fiberglass 2kg
Roof air vent + door panels in carbon fiber
Full weight 1180 Kg

Engine S50 B30 M3 (stock)
Restored engine vains
Full specific engine wiring loom
New connecting rod bushes
Connecting rod bolts (ARP)
New oil pump
New sparkplugs
High performance coils
Carbon airbox (karbonious)
Silicone hoses
Alloy radiator/cooler
Specific fan (spal)
Specific Oil cooler
Specific expansión tank
Specific gas recuperator

Full specific fuel circuit Goodrigue
Pressure sensor + extraction fuel fitting FIA

Pads: endless (4 wheels)
Stock brake discs
AP Racing Brake pumps/master cylinders front/rear+handbrake
AP Racing Clutch master cylinder
AP Racing brake distributor
Tilton bottom bracket
Specific Accelerator
Carbonfiber footrest
Goodrigue complete brake circuit
Brake pressure sensor
Clutch fast plug connector

QUAIFE 6 speed sequential
AP Racing clutch
Motorsport Self-locking rear differential
Specific 1000nm middle shaft
Cut off Bosh
Brand new BMW drive shafts

three way PROFLEX ( Setup KRS by Enrique Garcia Ojeda )
Antirollbars front and rear (HR)
Adjustable rear arms

Atech bucket seats 2026
Sabelt harnesses 2026
Lifeline Manual fire extinguisher 2023
OMP automatic fire extinguisher 2023
Odysee battery
Ecumaster screen
Ecumaster electronics
Ecumaster gear display
Ecumaster powerbox
Heating r2 lightweight

20 brand new braid wheels




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BMW M3 E36

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