Renault Clio IV R3T = Last Evo =


Renault Clio R3T last evolution :
Engine 1800 km/ss
Turbo 100 km/ss
Gearbox 100 km/ss
Fia reservoir new 04/2022
Fia extinguer revised 04/2022
Ammortisseur revised 04/2022
Revision complete brake Caliper Av/Ar 100km/ss
New RDM ecu map 2022
New upgrade steerin rack 2022
Couple court new 100km/ss
Couple medium 800 km/ss

All part for setup ressort + antirollbar + rampe differential
Rampe phare + extra bumper phare
18 rims
spare parts for mechanics and bodywork

Reprise possible Rally4 , rally5 , N4 , R4 and higher value cars

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Renault Clio IV R3T = Last Evo =

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