Citroen Saxo VTS Body Shell (1.6 16v), perfect condition!


We have for sale a body with a roll cage for the Citroen Saxo VTS (1.6 16v).
The price is for the body shell itself as per description (below). In addition, we have other parts for the car (link to photos).

Body Shell (included in price):
– Very good condition of the body, no accidents.
– Body with a rollcage (max extended), reinforced front cups
– Rollcage with a certificate
– Body with windows, bumpers, fenders, doors, tailgate + bonnet + all spills
– The door is armed.
– Complete wiring harness (computer for 1 plug) + ignition and key
– Brake lines + servo + pump
– Flocked board.
– Heater + steering column + clocks + combination switch.
– Electricity switch.
– Reinforcements under the seats
– Crotch straps fastening
– Spare wheel fastening
– Bonnet clasps + tailgate clasps
– Fuel tank.
– Car body shell registered and insured!

Price: 4500 Euro for Body Shell.
More info: email or +48501572450




Wojciech Kopkowicz   tel:+48501572450

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2022-08-03 08:12:06


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Demande d'information concernant l'annonce sur Mikado Racing : Citroen Saxo VTS Body Shell (1.6 16v), perfect condition!.

Citroen Saxo VTS Body Shell (1.6 16v), perfect condition!

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