VolksWagen Coccinelle


Designed by Ferdinand Porsche as early as 1934; the Beetle is certainly the best known German car in the world, a symbol of the German industrial rebirth after World War II, as well as the first Volkswagen model ever.
Due to its very round shape, it is often affectionately nicknamed: 'Käfer' in Germany, 'Beetle' in the UK, 'Kever' in the Netherlands or 'Escarabajo' in Spain, but is called 'Maggiolino' in Italy, 'Coccinelle' in France, 'Bug' in the United States and 'Fusca' in Brazil.

Engine Boxer 1192 cc, 34 Cv
Gearbox 4-speed
Car overhauled in 2021; with:
Complete overhaul of the braking system with replacement of brake pipes, brake pump, front discs and pads, cylinders and rear shoes; Complete overhaul of clutch with reinforced clutch; Replacing the bearings and oil seals of the drive shafts; Seat upholstery and padding replacement
Inspection to the motorization valid until 7/2023

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2022-10-31 06:01:37

    Information sur le vendeur : Moreschi

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