Hyundai i20 R5 EVO3 Car nr. 42A

For sale Hyundai i20 R5 Evo 3 in very good conditions, Shell Nr. 42A from 2018, All last Tarmac Specs, Body-shell revised and repainted in Silver colour in 02/2023, Suspensions rebuilt in 07/2022, Engine 2600Kms, Gearbox and Diffs just rebuilt, Seats valid thru 2028, Harnesses valid thru 2025,Fuel Cell validity sent to CARL to renewal for another 2 years, Brand new extiguinsher sustem.
Important package of spares to give with as:
23 tarmac Wheels, 18 Coil Springs, 3 Stabilizers, Suspension and steering arms, 1 Front bumper, 1 Rear bumper, 1 Front right fender, Front-left headlight, Rear-left trunk light, 20 Wheel bolts, 3, 1 Brand New Turbo, 1 Fuel Pump, 1 Light pod, 1 Fog light assy LH, 1 Fog light assy RH, 1 Front right door, 1 used clutch kit, 1 Rear subframe, 1 Alternator, 1 Exhaust manifold, 1 Peal, 1 Starter, 2 used front drive-shafts, 1 used rear drive-shaft, 1 central proshaft, 2 master Cylinder, Some sensors, Ignition coils, 1 Wastegate valve, 8 new brake pads, 2 use front brake discs, 2 used front discs without center, Etc, etc, etc…. No offers, fixed price 140000€

2023-06-08 18:09:52

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