Dallara F3 05/06 Mugen Honda


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DALLARA F3 05/06

Engine – 2 Litre Honda Mugen

Engine is just after a rebuild and freshen with 0kms on it.

Restrictors: 26.5mm – 245Bhp & 205Ftlbs Torque

32mm – 265Bhp & 225Ftlbs Torque

Gearbox – Hewland FTR200 6 Speed Sequential

All shocks checked and tested this year.

All New Brake Pads

Engine Pre Heater,

Engine Fuel Filler Pump.

Spares: 6 sets of gears. Enough Gears to cover all UK Circuits

Wishbones to cover a complete corner front or back.

3 sets of wheels.

Car is in excellent condition.

Can be delivered to UK or Europe

Contact: Sylvie on 00353 862436232 or Aiden on 0035386 3487757




Sylvie Mullins   tel:00353 862436232 Aiden on 0035386 3487757

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2023-01-11 10:09:29

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