Renault Clio Rally 4 RC4

For sale Renault Clio Rally 4

Body number 510
Junior Belgian Championship car.
Maintained regardless of cost by us from new
1250 kilometer test & rally on engine, gearbox etc.
Gearbox checked after every event.
CoC / engraved VIN option is included
Front wheel arch option is included

Car will comes with lightpod (LED LAZER) and 16 wheels.
Price €75.000 ex. VAT

Possibility to buy the car with big spare package (only new parts):
- Rear Beam
- Dampers
- Radiator
- Intercooler
- Triangels
- Discs / brake pads
- ...

Car + Spare package
Price €85.000 ex. VAT

For further Information or pictures please contact us.

2023-11-21 12:31:33

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