Toyota Celica ST205


For sale Toyota Celica ST205 (short vin ST205)
- Engine rebuilt this year, Wiseco pistons etc.
- Evo X turbo with 38mm limiter (360 KM)
- Protlum TopRace3 suspension with ARV and CHS
- Skoda Fabia Rally2 evo caliper, Citroen C3 Rally2 brake disc
- OBP pedals, hydraulic handbrake etc.
- Dogbox 5-speed gearbox, rear differential with LSD plate
- Motec ECU + ADU dashboard
- completely new motor wiring and internal wiring
- complete interior with intercom, seats, seat belts, fire extinguishing system, etc.
- National sports book (KSS)
- 14 x Millenium revo wheels with tires

Can be converted to a civilian car! (when exchanging, the value of the rally car is € 50,000)

If you want more photos, please let us know!




Kacper Wojtan   tel:0048530745123

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2022-06-23 10:44:14


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Toyota Celica ST205

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