Honda Civic EG6 VTI - A group - A5444


The car is in the process of refreshing - it will be ready at the June

Honda Civic VTI built fully in accordance with the A-5444 homologation.

- 1993 - EH2 - Canadian version
- roll cage max expanded according to Appendix J - APTechnology
- reinforced, welded chassis
- car built from scratch at the beginning of 2019 (about 700 SS km)
- refreshed chassis in 2023
- Chassis and body painted white, interior and roll cage silver
- car wrapped with high quality full print cal - DCT Świdnica - after removing the company stickers, only the background remains. (Under the cal, the body elements like doors, hood, trunk are red, there are places on the body where the paint was lifted during the wrap change and there are red places on the body under the wrap)
- air intake on the roof
- lens lamps - BiLED
- weight about 1000 kg
- accident-free body - straight - no corrosion
- KSS - Polish sports car passport

- Engine approx 190KM / 175NM - (I will know after mapping and I will go to the dyno 8-12.06.23) - built in 2023 (0 SS km) - JDM garage - full specification for interested - engine with the potential for more power, unfortunately, due to homologation restrictions, the result is weaker
- computer P28 - tuning
- stock electric bundle
- intake manifold, throttle, exhaust manifold - according to homologation - stock
- exhaust 2.36' - one silencer and sports catalyst
- stock ignition distributor
- 330cc Bosch injectors
- fuel pump from mazda rx8
- polyurethane engine and gearbox mount

- gearbox – dogbox - with strait cut gears- built in 2023 (0 km/s) - Mdrive 5.0 main gear, Beckert gears
- Mfactor 1.5way differential - after a full review, new ramps (0 SS km)

- Proflex 3-Way shock absorbers - gravel spec (about 500 SS km after Hight Tec review)
- all uniball bushings (only 2 pieces polyurethane) - Fluro/hardrace
- short steering gear 12:1 (2.4 turns) - by KMV

- calipers and discs front and rear - serial size
- flexible wires in a metal braid
- rigid cables in the cabin
- AP handbrake
- two wilwood master cylinders with balancer

- flexible teflon fuel lines with metal braid
- Mirco RS1 seats with homologation until the end of 2023
- Sabelt 2' 6 point belts under Hans with homologation until the end of 2023
- flock dashboard
- carbon side panels
- laminate footrests
- aramid fuel tank cover
- aluminum down engine cover
- RRS extinguishing system
- display with additional UKP pro sensors (water temp., oil temp., oil pressure, fuel pressure, egt, inlet air temp.)

For interested, I will provide photos of the construction of the body or engine that I have. Starting price 18500€ - the price for a car in the above specification. For an additional fee, I have some spare parts for the car (e.g. FD 4.9 Mfactor gearbox + OEM LSD differential, ignition distributor, P28 computer, 15' gravel rims, about 12 pieces, gravel tires, body parts, sensors, set suspension arms on polyurethane, steering knuckles, brake calipers, water radiator, axle shafts)
Possibility of paid transport in Europe after agreeing on details.




Adrian Pawlowski   tel:+48 726961446 whatsapp,

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